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Blue Hill Harbor Dredging Plan

The Army Corps of Engineers presented a draft dredging plan to the Blue Hill town council in July 2019.  The general plan is to dredge a low-water channel through the harbor mudflats to the town dock on Water Street.  The project costs have risen from the initial $1 million cost to now almost $3.5 million due to the discovery of contaminated sediment and the need to properly handle this material.  The town is responsible for 10% of the up-front cost and another 10% near the completion of the dredging.  Expect future public hearings on whether additional funding is appropriated for the dredging plan before the council’s next budget approval set for April 2020.

Mussel Bound, Inc. Lease Hearing Nov. 19, 2019

The aquaculture application is for a 3.5-acre lease for Great Cove on the east side of Bartlett Island.  The applicant proposes to grow mussels on ropes suspended beneath polar circles.  This is an expansion for the company that has a lease on the east side of Hardwood Island.  The public hearing will be on NovemberContinue Reading