FOBHB Board Meeting, December 11, 2019

The Friends of Blue Hill Bay Board of Directors will meet December 11th in the Blue Hill Public Library.  The Board will meet in the Bass Room at 5:30pm.  The meeting is open to the public and the Board welcomes the public’s participation and input.

Cooke Aquaculture USA, Black Is., Frenchboro Permit Renewal

Cooke Aquaculture USA has posted a renewal for its salmon pens off Black Island.  This Cooke site is included in the DEP’s September fine settlement with Cooke for monitoring and reporting deficiencies.  FOBHB has requested a public hearing.

Blue Hill Harbor Dredging Plan

The Army Corps of Engineers presented a draft dredging plan to the Blue Hill town council in July 2019.  The general plan is to dredge a low-water channel through the harbor mudflats to the town dock on Water Street.  The project costs have risen from the initial $1 million cost to now almost $3.5 millionContinue Reading

Blue Hill Bay shellfish ban

On Saturday, September 23, the Department of Marine Resources announced that Blue Hill Bay will be closed indefinitely to shellfish harvesting. The area includes the area north of Naskeag Point Brooklint to Lopaus Point, Tremont. The reason for the closing is the risk of amnesic shellfish poisoning which can cause headaches, cramping, vomiting and diarrhea. AlsoContinue Reading

Hardwood Island Lease

Hardwood Island—blue mussels Friends of Blue Hill Bay president, Don Eley and FoBHB legal counsel, Sally Mills, have attended, as intervenors, Department of Marine Resources (DMR) hearings involving the 15-acre blue mussel farm lease east of Hardwood Island belonging to Erick Swanson, of Maine Cultured Mussels. Mr. Swanson’s original lease expired in 2013. He appliedContinue Reading

Long Island Lease Pending

Long Island—blue mussels Erick Spencer Swanson applied to renew his lease east of Long Island, which was due to expire May 23rd of this year. The original lease, 50+ acres, was previously reduced to 4.7acres. Friends of Blue Hill Bay is opposed to renewing this lease as it has not been maintained as required. LightedContinue Reading

Suit to Block Rockweed Harvest

A suit has been filed by three owners of Washington County shorefront property hoping that the court will decide whether the rockweed belongs to the landowner or is part of the public trust and therefore open to harvesting.The suit has been brought against Acadian Seaplants Ltd. a Canadian company that is the largest harvester ofContinue Reading